Travel Consulting & Technology: AXUS

As the world of technology expands, the possibilities are endless for travel consultants. There is an array of applications that aid in the organization and planning of memorable vacations. The consultants at Royal Travel & Tours proudly use an app called AXUS. This app simplifies the experience of traveling by containing all of your plans, reservations, and information in one place. To learn about the helpful app, AXUS, read on! 

Overall, this app is:

-Convenient, easy to use

– Contains comprehensive trip details

– Provides real-time updates (flight information, reservations, etc)

– Message feature to communicate with Consultant

– Easy to share with fellow traveler’s or family and friends back home to follow along

– personalized, customized to traveler’s trip

This travel app has a main page with a list of trips on your schedule. Whether it is a family vacation, a couples get-a-way, or a family-friend’s trip itinerary, they are all in one place! 


The information for each day of your vacation will be simply laid out for your easy viewing. Instead of keeping track of emails or your own memory, the app will organize your plans day by day. 

This app even provides a place for your specific tickets, experiences, and tours. These indepth explanations will help you and your family have a full and exciting trip. 

The combination of Royal Travel & Tour‘s dedicated consultants and AXUS will lead you to organized, memorable, and time efficient trips. 


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