Travel & Technology: Boosting your Instagram

Instagram has become a favorite app of travelers worldwide. Followers, likes, and hashtags have become a common part of peoples’ conversations when discussing their next great trip or where they’ve last visited. And for those looking for inspiration, the photo sharing app is the best place to explore bucket list destinations without getting on a plane. Here are a few tips for new users on how to get the most out of Instagram.


1. Start posting!

Share your travel experiences and photos on Instagram. Your followers will love your scenic views, exotic hotels, and great recommendations. Make sure you tag your location so your followers know where you are traveling.

2. Be authentic

Take a lot of photos and choose what YOU want to post. You get to make the decision of sharing with your Instagram followers. Try not to get caught up with what you think they want to see. You will have an authentic account that you are proud of if you follow this tip!

3. Have variety

Whether you are posting landscape, cityscape, family photos, or photos of yourself, there is a balance that will do wonders for your account. You want to be sure to not post too many photos of yourself because that can get repetitive. The same goes for all the other types of vacation photos you could post.

4. Be colorful

It is very important to have aesthetically pleasing photos in order to get the likes and followers that you want. Be sure to edit your photos but not too much. You want to enhance you photos with color, contrast, and brightness, but do not get carried away with the filters. Sometimes the simpler is better when you are posting a beautiful photo from vacation.

5. Use #hashtags

If you choose to have a public Instagram account, using hashtags will help you gain followers and likes! Using hashtags will categorize your photos and be promoted to users looking for similar content. This will give your photos the extra attention they deserve!

6. Follow likeminded accounts

Search for Instagram accounts to follow by looking up hashtags. Hashtags like #adventure, #travel, #luxury, #boutique, and #foodie will guide you to accounts like yours. Following these accounts will inspire and encourage you to keep on traveling and setting goals!



Hopefully you’re feeling more prepared to create or enhance your own Instagram feed. Be sure to follow Royal Travel @royaltravelandtours for inspiration from our recent travels. And when you finally make it to your bucket list destination be sure to hashtag it #braggie to rub it in with friends and family. Happy posting!


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